Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the largest garment accessories suppliers in Bangladesh by ensuring a high level of quality products at a cheaper price to all our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep on improving our product quality & improve production capacity by introducing advance technology & motivated workforce in production process to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our Goal

Colour King Group will provide the best quality product at a reasonably lower cost within a short period of time to achieve highest customer satisfaction and become one of the well reputed brands in the industry. The company will also ensure not a single internal or external stakeholder will be dissatisfied while achieving customer satisfaction or brand value. The company will incorporate their short term goals into the planning, strategy and policy making process considering their ethical business culture, customer, worker, internal and external environmental & stakeholder’s protection into consideration. The company will try to continue growing every year in terms of numbers, volume, customer satisfaction, business ethics, worker’s right, environmental protection and all that includes in BSCI code of conduct. Our objective is to become one of the most developed Brands in the printing arena of Bangladesh.

Our Values

Our core values are built on superior customer satisfaction principles we strive to achieve every day by maintaining service quality, corporate dignity & reliability, legal, ethical, social & environmental responsibility, personal sincerity and coping up with latest fashion and technology.

Product List

We offer all sorts of offset printing materials starting from garments accessories printing (Photo Board, Photo In layer, Back Board, EAN Code, Paper Band, Neck Band, Hang tag, Fancy Hang tag, Button Bag, box of different sizes with and without window film, Plastic Seal Tag, Leather Badge Hanger Board etc.) to Posters, Catalogues, Calendars, Flyers, Leaflets, Brochures, Corporate Stationeries, Stickers, Business Cards, Colour Cards and many more. We can also deliver different sorts of high quality Labels like Care Label, Main Label, Size Label, Iron labels, Heat transfer labels, different kinds of strings, string dyeing, waxing etc.

Our speciality is in fancy hang tags with reinforcement, eyelet, wrinkle effect, side damaged tags etc. We are also confident in making under garment boxes of any shapes along with regular garment accessories items.

Machine List

Pre-Press Unit

  • Plate processing machines for traditional positive and negative plates (IMAF)
  • Exposure frame ZEUS for presensitized plates (imaf)
  • Common exposure machine for screen printing and heat transfer labels

Printing Unit

  • 1 set of Heidelberg bi-color offset printing machine
  • 10 sets of Heidelberg single color offset printing machines

Screen Printing Unit

  • 1 set of semi-automatic vacuum screen printing machine
  • 1 set of manual vacuum screen printing machine
  • 8 sets of manual screen printing setup

Cutting & Creasing Unit

  • 5 sets of paper cutting machines (Polar)
  • 7 sets of manual and auto die-cutting and creasing machine
  • 2 sets of foil printing machine
  • 2 sets of manual creasing machine
  • 1 set of foil roll cutting machine

Lamination Unit

  • 2 sets of film lamination machine
  • 1 set of lamination film cutting machine
  • 3 sets of UV spot lamination machine
  • 2 sets of heat lamination machine
  • 1 set of offset UV lamination machine

Label Printing Machines

  • 1 set of 3 Color flexo label printing machine
  • 1 set of Multi Color label printing machine
  • 1 set of Auto heat label cutting machine
  • 1 set of High Speed ultrasonic label cutting machine
  • 1 set of Label curing machine

Heat Transfer Unit

  • 1 set of tunnel belt dryer machine
  • 6 sets of dryer rack
  • 1 set of Double position semi automatic heat transfer machine
  • Gluing table setup

String Unit

  • 1 set of string winding machine
  • 4 sets of string making machine
  • 1 set of automatic string waxing machine

Other Machines

  • 1 set of Verivide color box for quality inspection
  • 4 sets of paper gluing or pasting machine
  • 2 sets of paper structure machine
  • 2 sets of manual pressing machine
  • 3 sets of drill punching machine
  • 6 sets of eyelet punching machine
  • 1 set Perforating machine
  • 2 sets of Plastic sealing tag and hanger making machine
  • 1 set of hot foil stamping and embossing machine for leather
  • 1 set of printing ink roll cleaning machine

On Going Project

Considering the increasing demand and customer’s requirement we are planning to expand our business. We have taken two development projects in hand for future expansion.

  • One expansion project is taking place in village- Nayapara (Dogri), P.O.-Mirzapur bazaar, P.S.- Gazipur shodor, district- Gazipur. Land size of the project is more than one acre. Theres will be two separate will building and estimate factory area will be around 170,000 square feet in total. Both the buildings will be 100% complied with national and international building code. We’ve started working on the project and hope to complete the project within 5 years.